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Vince Offer ShamWow Guy – His Take on Informercials and How They Benefit the Entertainment Industry

vince offer shamwow guy

Vince Offer ShamWow writer and comedian has appeared in late night comedy and has written skits for TV shows. His passion for the entertainment industry came about when he moved to LA and began doing skits on the streets that people found humorous. This acknowledgement gave him meaning to what he was doing.  In 1991 he was asked to write 10 skits for the show In Living Color, this gave him the pathway to start his career in comedy writing. Later he went to write skits for his own movie, it was the first movie to debut semen in a skit called Sperm Lake. Most critics did not find this movie comical; it was the political activist that gave this type of comedy a thumbs down. He decided to skip the movie critics and go for a more underground street style promotion that would give the other audiences a thrill they could not deny. So, he created midnight screenings that lasted 10 months, longer than what was a 3-month normal period. Vince Offer ShamWow wanted more, so he aired for the first time a comedy movie on TV and generated sales that led to a distribution with a prominent distributor “Image Entertainment,” which helped Vince get into infomercials.

Vince started by making a “short-form” infomercial, which is generally 2 minutes, and less time than a standard 30 minute infomercial.   Short-form infomercials, also known as Direct Response TV ads (DRTV) can be placed between TV shows that air during the day or night.   Most long form 30 minute infomercials are placed after a network stations signs off, usually from 2AM-6AM, which very little audience.  Therefore, 2 minute DRTV spots are the bread and butter of Vince’s fast pace style, and get a wider audience.  

Tracking the results of an infomercial is rather easy compared to some forms of advertising. Infomercials typically include a CTA (call to action) that temps’ viewers to place an immediate order via an 800#, a mailing address or an Internet site. Within a few days, advertisers can determine whether the infomercial is a success. If they find that it was not a success, they can pull the spot quickly to avoid spending any unnecessary money.

Finally, there is an increase in the affordability. Advertisers have a greater flexibility in negotiating favorable advertising rates and have more options in choosing time slots. Consequently, infomercial advertisers stand a better chance of receiving a positive return on their advertising dollar. So, for any other late night infomercial advertiser out there, have a backstory, if possible, show the product in action, use real testimonials, make a specific offer, and give the customer a reason to act now!

Vince Offer The “ShamWow Guy” Talks About ShamWow

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Vince Offer ShamWow AKA the ShamWow Guy, known for using infomercials to sell its line of absorbent yellow cloths, talks about the ShamWow product. ShamWow is like a chamois, a towel, like a sponge that works both wet and dry. It can work for the house, the car or boat, RV, the ShamWow holds 10 times its weight in liquid. It does not drip or make a mess; all you need to do is wring it out and wash it in the washing machine. The massive ShamWow towels are 20 x 23.5 inches, and the minis are 15 x 15 inches. This product can even be cut in half, use it as a bathmat, drain your dishes, or use it as a towel, Olympic users use this as their towel to dry themselves off. This ShamWow product acts like a vacuum, it sucks up any wetness without dripping anywhere. The ShamWow cloths will not scratch surfaces. They are created with a cloth-like material that turns into a soft leathery feel later.

Paper towels are being wasted every day, trees are being cut down to make these types of paper products, why do that when you can own a ShamWow. An everyday sponge will last 10 min, when the ShamWow will last 10 years. It basically sells itself. These also come with a 10-year warranty. ShamWow is machine washable and bleachable, but you cannot put it into the dryer. You can only airdry them. ShamWow cloths are made from a rayon material which is woven in a certain way to make it feel a bit like it felt when you first get it new. But once it becomes wet, it will become a soft leathery material. These are just too good to be true. Try it for yourself, if you place an order, you will receive free ShamWow’s and a free ShamWow mask.

The ShamWow masks are breathable, machine-washable and equipped with a cotton inner layer for comfort and made in the U.S. and Germany with the same material used to make surgical masks.

Features include:

  • 100% viscose/polypropylene
  • Thermally bonded non-woven cloth
  • Made in Germany and USA
  • 100% cotton inner shell
  • Reusable/Washable
  • Contains zinc “anti-bacterial fighting fibers.”

So, give the ShamWow’s a try and while you are at it, try out the new ShamWow masks. We are still going through the pandemic, why not protect yourself with the high-quality bacteria fighting mask? Even after the pandemic, if you have the common cold or feel sick, masks are now part of our culture to stop the spread of any viruses. ShamWow, the best yellow clothes you could ever want.

Vince Offer the ShamWow Guy on Different Uses for ShamWow During Springtime

Vince Offer the ShamWow Guy

Spring is here, and many people out there are moving quickly to clean months’ worth of messes. Luckily, Vince Offer the ShamWow guy knows that there are several effective ways to use ShamWow towels that take the hassle out of everyday cleaning. Here, Vince Offer lists a few seasonal uses for ShamWow that are sure to help anyone looking to tackle their spring cleaning in the most efficient way possible.

Dusting, Drying, and Washing During Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be notoriously stressful, and people are always on the lookout for ways to make the process easier. Paper towels, one of the most often used products for cleaning around the house, are not without their weaknesses. Not only can they leave small white fibers on your surfaces as they break down, but they also can be costly to stock up on. ShamWow’s absorbency makes it an excellent alternative for cleaning up around the house. For example, it effortlessly picks up spills on hardwood floors our carpets. Showers and bathroom floors can be quickly dried and cleaned with the towel, helping to prevent mildew and mold that can make cleaning even more intensive. Vince Offer the ShamWow guy, also notes that ShamWow can also be used for cleaning dusty surfaces, appliances, and furniture throughout your house. The fact that it is washable and reusable means that you can save money on paper towels as you go.

Drying Pets After a Wash

Dog lovers are excited to spend more time outside with their pets in warmer spring weather. Of course, with more outside time comes the need to wash our dogs a bit more frequently than in colder months. Anyone with a dog can tell you that washing is one of the easiest parts- it is the drying that really can make things a challenge. Vince Offer the ShamWow guy acknowledges that ShamWow makes drying your dog’s fur a breeze, as it absorbs water deep within in your dog’s fur much more effectively than a regular household towel can. There are several reasons why people that frequently wash their dogs mention ShamWow as their dog towel of choice. It is washable, does not contain chemicals that can harm animals, and can easily absorb water trapped in fur.

Cleaning Cars After Long Drives

Spring is a great time of the year for taking drives, but every car enthusiast is aware that spring also brings messes that can increase the need to wash our vehicles. Pollen, for instance, can be a hassle to clean off your car- especially if you live in an area with a lot of trees. For people that wash their cars at home, ShamWow can assist with both washing and drying and is way better for the environment than a single use paper towel. To wash, simply fold the ShamWow, and rinse before dipping it into the soap and water solution of your choosing. Unlike sponges that can’t be washed, the Mini ShamWow can be washed and used over and over again. For drying, pull a damp ShamWow in one direction. This helps to keep your car streak free as you dry the body. ShamWow can also be used for detailing on the inside of your vehicle. For example, the towel along with an interior safe cleaner can eliminate dust and grime on the dashboard, console, seats, and windows.

Vince Offer “ShamWow Guy” Discusses New High-Quality ShamWow Mask

Vince Offer “ShamWow Guy” Discusses New High-Quality ShamWow Mask

This past week, the United States saw the one year anniversary of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency come and go. While the recently released Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have been distributed to nearly 40 million Americans, US citizens are still required to wear a mask while leaving their homes in nearly all 50 states. All masks, however, are not made equally and different masks offer different levels of protection to wearers. Since the beginning of the pandemic,  N95 masks, frequently worn by medical staff and doctors, have been in low supply leading to shortages in medical facilities and retirement communities. For this reason, Vince Offer, ShamWow pitchman and presenter of products like the SlapChop and Schticky, has created the ShamWow mask, made with materials similar to those in N95 masks. Today, Vince Offer, ShamWow spokesman and creator of the ShamWow mask, will discuss some of the mask’s many features.

100% Viscose/ Polypropylene Thermally Bonded Non-Woven Cloth

Made with the same materials used in medical grade masks, the ShamWow mask is made with 100% Viscose/ Polypropylene thermally bonded non-woven cloth. N-95 masks are made from synthetic fibers, including polyisoprene, polyurethane, and polypropylene. Polypropylene is most commonly used in N-95 masks filters and valves due to its high concentration of fibers. ShamWow masks are constructed with this same material, using non-woven thermal bonding techniques. Non-woven cloth is any fabric material made from short and long fibers, bonded together using a chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. Unlike woven material, non-woven material is not constructed without any gaps in the material, leading to a stronger bond between different fabrics and fewer breaks for bacteria to enter.

Made From Zinc

Zinc is an antimicrobial material frequently used in the manufacturing of textiles. Zinc is effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi on a variety of materials by up to 99.9%. For many buyers, a common problem when purchasing polyester products is the buildup on odors and stains caused by bacteria, such as mold and mildew. One of the most common reasons for a buildup of bacteria is the exposure of the material to moisture and warm temperatures. For common cloth masks, the proximity to condensation caused by breath will often lead to a buildup of bacteria. For this reason, ShamWow masks have zinc incorporated into their materials.

Cotton Inner Lining/ Machine Washable

For maximum comfort, the ShamWow masks are lined with soft, breathable cotton. When constructing the ShamWow mask, Vince Offer and the ShamWow team hoped to create an everyday mask that could be washed and still hold its shape. Today, every owner of a ShamWow mask knows that their mask can keep its fit and structural integrity despite frequent washes and everyday use.

To learn more about the ShamWow Mask or purchase your own, click the link here.

Disclaimer: ShamWow masks are not for medical use and cannot sure the Corona Virus.