Vince Offer “ShamWow Guy” Discusses New High-Quality ShamWow Mask

Vince Offer “ShamWow Guy” Discusses New High-Quality ShamWow Mask

This past week, the United States saw the one year anniversary of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency come and go. While the recently released Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have been distributed to nearly 40 million Americans, US citizens are still required to wear a mask while leaving their homes in nearly all 50 states. All masks, however, are not made equally and different masks offer different levels of protection to wearers. Since the beginning of the pandemic,  N95 masks, frequently worn by medical staff and doctors, have been in low supply leading to shortages in medical facilities and retirement communities. For this reason, Vince Offer, ShamWow pitchman and presenter of products like the SlapChop and Schticky, has created the ShamWow mask, made with materials similar to those in N95 masks. Today, Vince Offer, ShamWow spokesman and creator of the ShamWow mask, will discuss some of the mask’s many features.

100% Viscose/ Polypropylene Thermally Bonded Non-Woven Cloth

Made with the same materials used in medical grade masks, the ShamWow mask is made with 100% Viscose/ Polypropylene thermally bonded non-woven cloth. N-95 masks are made from synthetic fibers, including polyisoprene, polyurethane, and polypropylene. Polypropylene is most commonly used in N-95 masks filters and valves due to its high concentration of fibers. ShamWow masks are constructed with this same material, using non-woven thermal bonding techniques. Non-woven cloth is any fabric material made from short and long fibers, bonded together using a chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. Unlike woven material, non-woven material is not constructed without any gaps in the material, leading to a stronger bond between different fabrics and fewer breaks for bacteria to enter.

Made From Zinc

Zinc is an antimicrobial material frequently used in the manufacturing of textiles. Zinc is effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi on a variety of materials by up to 99.9%. For many buyers, a common problem when purchasing polyester products is the buildup on odors and stains caused by bacteria, such as mold and mildew. One of the most common reasons for a buildup of bacteria is the exposure of the material to moisture and warm temperatures. For common cloth masks, the proximity to condensation caused by breath will often lead to a buildup of bacteria. For this reason, ShamWow masks have zinc incorporated into their materials.

Cotton Inner Lining/ Machine Washable

For maximum comfort, the ShamWow masks are lined with soft, breathable cotton. When constructing the ShamWow mask, Vince Offer and the ShamWow team hoped to create an everyday mask that could be washed and still hold its shape. Today, every owner of a ShamWow mask knows that their mask can keep its fit and structural integrity despite frequent washes and everyday use.

To learn more about the ShamWow Mask or purchase your own, click the link here.

Disclaimer: ShamWow masks are not for medical use and cannot sure the Corona Virus.

Vince Offer
Vince Offer is the creator of top-selling consumer products like Sham-Wow, Slap Chop and more.