Vince Offer The “ShamWow Guy” Talks About ShamWow

shamwow guy

Vince Offer ShamWow AKA the ShamWow Guy, known for using infomercials to sell its line of absorbent yellow cloths, talks about the ShamWow product. ShamWow is like a chamois, a towel, like a sponge that works both wet and dry. It can work for the house, the car or boat, RV, the ShamWow holds 10 times its weight in liquid. It does not drip or make a mess; all you need to do is wring it out and wash it in the washing machine. The massive ShamWow towels are 20 x 23.5 inches, and the minis are 15 x 15 inches. This product can even be cut in half, use it as a bathmat, drain your dishes, or use it as a towel, Olympic users use this as their towel to dry themselves off. This ShamWow product acts like a vacuum, it sucks up any wetness without dripping anywhere. The ShamWow cloths will not scratch surfaces. They are created with a cloth-like material that turns into a soft leathery feel later.

Paper towels are being wasted every day, trees are being cut down to make these types of paper products, why do that when you can own a ShamWow. An everyday sponge will last 10 min, when the ShamWow will last 10 years. It basically sells itself. These also come with a 10-year warranty. ShamWow is machine washable and bleachable, but you cannot put it into the dryer. You can only airdry them. ShamWow cloths are made from a rayon material which is woven in a certain way to make it feel a bit like it felt when you first get it new. But once it becomes wet, it will become a soft leathery material. These are just too good to be true. Try it for yourself, if you place an order, you will receive free ShamWow’s and a free ShamWow mask.

The ShamWow masks are breathable, machine-washable and equipped with a cotton inner layer for comfort and made in the U.S. and Germany with the same material used to make surgical masks.

Features include:

  • 100% viscose/polypropylene
  • Thermally bonded non-woven cloth
  • Made in Germany and USA
  • 100% cotton inner shell
  • Reusable/Washable
  • Contains zinc “anti-bacterial fighting fibers.”

So, give the ShamWow’s a try and while you are at it, try out the new ShamWow masks. We are still going through the pandemic, why not protect yourself with the high-quality bacteria fighting mask? Even after the pandemic, if you have the common cold or feel sick, masks are now part of our culture to stop the spread of any viruses. ShamWow, the best yellow clothes you could ever want.

Vince Offer
Vince Offer is the creator of top-selling consumer products like Sham-Wow, Slap Chop and more.